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Current   AliceWyman Intro: linked to certificate article
Approved M AliceWyman Intro: changed bullet point to note, updated link to renamed article
Approved M AliceWyman Fx66: loading the site will add a security exception (see discussion)
Approved M AliceWyman Intro: mentioned 'Did Not Connect" error; other edits (see discussion)
Approved M AliceWyman (sorry!) edits to last revision
Approved M AliceWyman summary, new image for fx66, other edits
Unreviewed   Michele Rodaro Summary: deleted ""Your connection is not secure"
Approved M AliceWyman adjusted fx66 heading levels
Approved M AliceWyman combined Intro sections to show TOC for not fx66
Approved M Michele Rodaro Fx66: Moved {/for} that was hiding part of content for Mac/Linux and Win 7. Deleted a {/for} in excess.
Approved M Joni added screenshot
Approved M Joni updated for 66
Approved M AliceWyman "Bypassing the warning": added note; "Secure Connection Failed" section removed; updated links to renamed article
Approved   Joni Removed "The" from "The certificate does not come..." to take care of anchor character limit in redirect tool
Unreviewed   Joni updted to reflect new error pages that will land in Nightly. PLease don't approve until the pages have landed in Nightly.
Approved M AliceWyman added new TLS error codes (bug 1453564). See discussion
Approved M AliceWyman What to do if you see this error? reworded first sentence.
Approved M AliceWyman updated Image:Fx52InsecureConnection, deleted "Reporting the error" section.
Approved M AliceWyman Secure Connection Failed error: section shortened
Approved M AliceWyman Reporting the error: new image; Added "Secure Connection Failed error" section
Approved M AliceWyman MOZILLA_PKIX error: added link blog post
Approved   Tonnes nits
Approved MT J.C. Jones Add the new MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_ADDITIONAL_POLICY_CONSTRAINT_FAILED message, and pointers to CA program guidance.
Approved M AliceWyman purged pre-fx52 content; [Fx58] cert8.db -> cert9.db https://support.mozilla.org/forums/knowledge-base-articles/712877
Reviewed M Ömer Timur added: T:bypassthewarning
Approved M philipp include links to dedicated article explaining how to fix the system clock
Approved   Joni experimental afterword
Approved M philipp correction of the error code that is shown for self-signed certs
Approved   Tonnes minor: remove period
Approved M Tonnes typo, remove comma, fix broken markup for non-win8
Unreviewed   philipp updated screenshot
Unreviewed   philipp updated the wording for SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER error, broke out the cert8.db section & placed it at the end of the steps, reformatted error codes
Approved M philipp adding a link to dedicated "unknown issuer" article
Approved   Goofy minor / removing a duplicate word
Approved M AliceWyman another small edit (removed "i.e.")
Unreviewed   AliceWyman small edit to pending revision
Unreviewed   AliceWyman added content for fx43 and below due to "TLS error reports" redirect (see discussion)
Approved M Tonnes fix image/text break, remove hard return. rename link, rename MS article
Approved M philipp correction
Unreviewed   philipp added TLS error reporting, since this page might be linked to directly from the reporting UI as well
Unreviewed   philipp New screenshot (old one said "Nightly")
Unreviewed   philipp formatting of error texts
Unreviewed   philipp another update to the draft
Unreviewed   philipp draft
Reviewed M Dc4campos tradução
Approved MT dkeeler initial content for "Your connection is not secure" page

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