Sync bookmarks, logins and browsing history on Firefox for iOS

If you use Firefox on multiple devices, a free Firefox Account lets you sync your history, open tabs, bookmarks and passwords on all your devices. All you need is an email address and password.

Set up Firefox Accounts on your iOS device

  1. Tap the menu button at the bottom of the screen (the menu will be at the top right if you're using an iPad):
    menu button ios 37

  2. Tap Sync and Save Data to open the Turn on Sync page.
    • To sign in using QR code pairing:
      • Visit on your desktop to show the QR code (you might need to sign in to your Firefox Account first).
      • When the QR code displays, tap Ready to Scan on your phone.
      • Scan the QR code on your desktop. Firefox will automatically sign in and sync your information.
    • To sign in using your email address:
      • Tap Use Email instead.
      • Enter your login credentials or sign up for an account (it's free) if you don't have one.

To set up Sync on another device, see:

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