Primary Password is replacing Master Password in Thunderbird

Note: Due to the Thunderbird release cycles, this change does not yet apply to Thunderbird 78. It will apply to the next release version of Thunderbird.

Mozilla is removing terminology from applications that has been identified as derogatory or exclusionary. We’re listening to conversations happening within the Mozilla community and in the world at large, and are paying attention when people tell us that some terms we use in our applications exclude and damage people.

‘Master-slave’ is a metaphor that perpetuates racism. Mozilla strives for inclusion and clarity; we have no need for terms derived from harmful metaphors when we have plenty of alternatives that are more inclusive, more descriptive and non-racist. For this reason, all instances of Master Password are being replaced with Primary Password in Thunderbird and other Mozilla products like Firefox.

Deprecating the term Master Password is also in accordance with the "Derogatory Language" section of the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines.

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