Preview pages on your tab list with 3D Touch

These features are available on Firefox version 2.0 or later. See Which version of Firefox am I using? to find your version number.

Firefox works with 3D Touch on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, so you can preview web pages on your tab list without opening them.

  1. On your tab list, press the tab you want to preview until it pops up.
    peek and pop ios
  2. Swipe up to see more options for that tab:
    • Add to Reading List: adds web pages to your reading list in a clutter-free mode so you can read them later. See Add web pages to your Reading List on Firefox for iOS.
    • Add to Bookmarks: adds pages to your bookmarks.
    • Copy URL: Copies the URL to your clipboard so you can paste it in emails, text messages and more.
    • Close Tab: Closes the tab and removes it from your tab list.

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