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Pontoon is Mozilla's localization service. It's privacy policy is here.

What data do you receive from my account?

Pontoon requires users to have a Firefox Account in order to log in and use the service.

The only information stored in Pontoon is:

  • Email address (received when you log in with your Firefox Account)
  • Optional display name

You also have the option of including an avatar image linked from Gravatar. This image is not kept in Pontoon - it is only displayed.


Contributions to translations are publicly associated with your email or display name.

How do I access my account data?

If you want to know about Firefox Account data and how to access it, see Firefox Accounts - Managing account data. You can access your Pontoon account at https://pontoon.mozilla.org/settings/.

How do I update my account data?

You can update your Pontoon account at https://pontoon.mozilla.org/settings/. You can change your display name and email here. Please note that changing your email in Pontoon doesn’t affect your ability to log in with your Firefox Account. Pontoon will store both your Firefox Account email address and the email address updated directly in Pontoon and associate both emails with your Pontoon account. Updating an email address in Pontoon will not update it in Firefox Accounts. If you want to update the email used with your Firefox Account, see Change primary email address on Firefox Accounts.

How do I delete my account data?

You can delete your account by emailing pontoon-team@mozilla.com. This will delete all required and optional account data.


  • All localization contributions are retained, so they can continue to be used for support.
  • Your publicly displayed email address/display name will be changed to “Imported”. *Any translation work associated with your prior account will be attributed to “Imported”, including any listing in the Top Contributors group.

How long do you keep my account data?

Pontoon maintains your original display name and user name in the version history of each project indefinitely because changing version control history could cause development issues.

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