Pin Sites on the Firefox for Android start screen

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When you go to the Firefox start screen (home page), Firefox shows your top sites. Learn how to customize this page.

Note: This applies to the latest Firefox release version which can be downloaded from

How do I access the Firefox start screen with the sites I have pinned?

Firefox automatically bookmarks the start screen when installed.

  • Tap on the title bar, tap on the Bookmarks tab, and finally tap on the Firefox Start bookmark to access the Firefox start screen.

firefox home page default bookmark - Android ICS

How do I organize my top sites on the Firefox start screen?

Firefox displays websites on the Firefox start screen based on how frequently you visit each site and how recently you were there. You can easily pin, edit and delete the sites that show up on the Firefox start screen to customize it just the way you want.

You can pin up to six sites. If you have less than six sites pinned, then Firefox will dynamically fill in empty slots with sites that you visit frequently. If you wish to keep a frequently visited site, you can do this by pinning the site. If you wish to change the URL of a pinned site, you can edit the URL.

Pin a site

  • From the Firefox start screen, long tap on the site you want to pin and then tap Pin Site

    long tap to pin a site - Android ICS


Firefox will display a visual indicator on the top right to confirm the site has been pinned.

pinned site visual indicator 2 - Android ICS

Remove a site by unpinning it

  • From the Firefox start screen, long tap on the site you want to remove and then tap Unpin Site.

umpin site - Android ICS

Edit a pinned site's URL

  1. From the Firefox start screen, long tap on the site whose URL you want to change and then tap Edit.

    edit pinned site - Android ICS
  2. Type in the site's URL or choose it from the Top Sites, Bookmarks or History tabs.

    edit url of pinned site tap go - Android ICS
  3. Tap Go to save the new URL to the Firefox start screen.


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