Personalize Firefox with Colorways

What are colorways?

Starting with Firefox version 94, you will be able to personalize your browsing experience with 18 exciting new Colorways themes that were carefully created in partnership with an industry color specialist. Each colorway presents its own individual bespoke characteristic. Find a color that better fits you with our palette.

How can I access Colorways?

Existing users will be able to opt into Colorways via a spotlight upgrade notification. Upon upgrading to Firefox 94, a notification will appear providing the ability to opt into Colorways selection.


Note: If you have a custom Home page at the time of selecting an optional Colorway, you will see the Switch to Firefox Home with themed background option. Checking this box will reset your custom home page to the default Firefox Home page. To reset a custom Home page, see How to set the home page.

New users will similarly have the choice to opt into this new experience and they will be guided through the customization process. An additional notification for colorway selection will be integrated into the welcome experience. This notification will be visible only after downloading Firefox 94 for the first time.


Can I make updates to my selection?

You can view or change your selected colorways theme by going to Add-ons and themes in the Firefox application menu. Click the menu button Fx89menuButton, click Add-ons and Themes and select Themes. The Themes panel will include a new and exclusive section for Colorways themes that you can easily enable or disable. You can also switch to a different theme or restore the default system theme (see Managing themes for details).


How long are these Colorways themes available?

These Colorways selections will be available in Firefox versions 94, 95 and 96 but you will be able to maintain access to the Colorway that is currently enabled when you update to Firefox 97. Your favorite Colorways theme will stay with you in Add-ons and themes, along with all of your other installed add-ons and themes.

New Colorways themes were made available in Firefox version 97. See What’s New with Colorways? for more information.

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