New in Thunderbird

Current Thunderbird release

VersionNew featurescomplete article
31 Autocomplete now matches any part of email or address, Autocomplete when writing to newsgroup email,
NTLM authentication disabled
New in Thunderbird 31.0

Past Thunderbird release

VersionNew featurescomplete article
24Enhanced tag quick search,
search order,
ignore threads
New in Thunderbird 24
17Thunderbird Menu Button Added New in Thunderbird 17
16FileLink supports Box storage service provider New in Thunderbird 16
15Ubuntu One added to FileLink,
Instant Messaging.
Do Not Track
New in Thunderbird 15
14 Various security fixes and performance improvements Thunderbird 14 Release Notes
13 Get a new email account,
End of support of Windows XP SP 1 and earlier
New in Thunderbird 13
12 Global Search results now include message extracts,
Various improvements to RSS feed subscription and general feed handling
Thunderbird 12 Release Notes
11 Tabs on top,
New spam header providers
New in Thunderbird 11
10 Add-ons are compatible by default,
Search the web,
Global Database optimization
New in Thunderbird 10
9 Test Pilot,
Better handling of vCard,
Cosmetic bugs fixes and improvements in the user interface
New in Thunderbird 9
8Folder pane switcher has been removed,
Add-ons installed by another application are disabled by default
New in Thunderbird 8
7Improved interface for displaying attachments in the message reader,
Improvement of attachment size's display
New in Thunderbird 7
5Attachment size is now displayed,
New attachment pane,
New Add-ons interface,
Improvement of archiving options,
Troubleshooting information,
Compact folders enabled by default
New in Thunderbird 5
3.1Migration Assistant,
Saved Files Manager,
Message Header Pane Buttons,
Quick Filter Bar and Search Field,
Unified Folders,
Message List Columns improvements
New in Thunderbird 3.1
3Mail Account Setup Wizard,
new message indexing and search system (Gloda),
Activity Manager,
Add-ons Manager ,
Signatures can be created on the Account Settings,
Smart Folders,
Star symbol near a contact address,
Tabbed folders and messages,
Add birthday and image field in the address book
New in Thunderbird 3

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