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Mozilla would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the over the years:


Matthew Middleton, from Columbus in Ohio, is our Live Chat expert and admin. Sometimes he helps 400 people per week on his own, but he prefers the company of our lively Live Chat community. He is zzxc on IRC and in the forums.

David Tenser, from Eskilstuna in Sweden, is the director of support at Mozilla and responsible for SUMO. He wrote the first Firefox help website in 2002 and is now leading the effort to deliver the best possible help to Firefox users around the world. He is djst on IRC and the forums.

Kadir Topal, from Duisburg in Germany, is the community manager at SUMO. He welcomes and introduces new SUMO members and works hard to improve things for all contributors. You can ask him any questions via IRC, the forum or by mail: atopal (at) mozilla dot com. He is Topal on IRC and KadirTopal in the forums.

Michael Verdi, from San Antonio in Texas, is the SUMO content manager and resident video artist. Among many things, he works together with our community to write new and improve existing support articles. He is michaelvedi on IRC and Verdi in the forums.

Cheng Wang, from Mountain View in California, is our metrics guru. He constantly squeezes as much information as possible from the data we get on SUMO to help developers improve Firefox. He is cww on IRC and the forums.


James Socol, Paul Craciunoiu, Ricky Rosario, Erik Rose

KB Reviewers

Alice Wyman, Chris Illias, Michael Verdi


Lead                 Language                    Lead                 Language                    Lead                 Language
bogomilбългарски език ToniherCatalà dikribdansk
ThomasLendoDeutsch constantonΕλληνικά willyarandaespañol
Merikes eesti FjoerfoksFrysk Scoobidiverfrançais
edo79zghrvatski kkemenczyMagyar underpassItaliano
marsf日本語 jovanovskiмакедонски јазик TonnesNederlands
GmbHpolski Seta00Português (pt-BR) gion-andrirumantsch
alexxedromână Unghostрусский язык wladow slovenčina
smoslovenščina Milosсрпски језик maxcoderTürkçe
Bogdancevукраїнська loveleeyoungaeTiếng Việt Danial.Aaron中文(zh-CN)

If you don't see your language here and would like to start a translation, please contact Kadir Topal, he will help you get started: atopal (at) mozilla dot com