I want to make something awesome really fast

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Great makes don't necessarily require a lot of time. If you stick to a good format, you can make something quick and effective. Try one of these:

Audio Mashup

Sound can be powerful. Replacing the audio underneath a video clip with something completely different can often lead to very humorous or dramatic results.Alt text

To do an audio mashup with Popcorn Maker, take two video clips and place them on top of each other, using one layer for each clip. Turn off the audio for the first clip, and the video for the second clip, then see what happens.

popcorn - video track audio track.png
For example: Dove "real beauty" audio mashed together with Axe Deoderant video

Gif sound

This is perhaps the quickest make of all. Pick a song and add it to your timeline. (Don’t forget, you can always mute the video off of YouTube and just use the audio).

Now pick an animated gif that is expressive and matches the thematic elements of your song. You can use a site like giphy to find a good one.

Right click the animated gif and “copy image location” then paste the image URL into an image event on your Popcorn timeline.

Hit play and enjoy the magical repetition.

Photo Essay

Good images and sound can go a long way. Tell a story, or do an interview using images and a sound recorder.

You can use Popcorn Maker to turn the images into hyperlinks and add a layer of interactivity to the piece.

For example: "Train Hoppers"

Thoughtful commentary

With Popcorn Maker, you can talk back to the media. Add some facts, or important context using images, text, popups, and Wikipedia. Make some commentary that provides deeper meaning, and use hyperlinks to support your assertions.

For example: "Digital Life"

Make an event report

You can create an simple event report just by adding images of the event, adding text and videos if any. Add them in various layers to play the images and text at the same time to gave an description about the image.

For example: "MozCafe Chennai"

Remix your own

Don’t forget, you can always remix anything made on Webmaker.org if something inspiring comes your way. Learn more about the remix button

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