Log in to Pocket with your Firefox Account

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Once you've signed up for Pocket with your free Firefox Account, you can log in to the Pocket app on your phone or tablet using that same account.

Use your Firefox Account to log into the Pocket app

  1. Launch the app, then tap Login.
  2. Tap Log In with Firefox.
  3. Enter your Firefox Account email address and password.
If you don't see an option to log in to Firefox, see Pocket article here.

Use your Firefox Account to log in to Pocket on a third party service

You may be asked to log in when you set up Pocket with another service (for example, Twitter on iOS). You may use your Firefox Account to log in after you reset your password:

  1. Tap Log In.
  2. Tap Forgot your Password?
  3. Follow Pocket's instructions to reset your password.
To learn more, see Pocket article here.