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Revision Status S Editor R Comment
Current M Joni added template
Approved M Tonnes remove for fx47 to prevent empty section
Approved M Joni added different screenshot for mac
Approved M Joni updated for 57
Approved M Joni updated per bug 1339898
Reviewed M user1345090 summary updated
Approved M Tonnes empty edit - see discussion
Approved M AliceWyman used line break to unindent View Live Bookmarks image (looks better) and other edits
Approved M Tonnes it -> them, indent image (also prevents text next to image display in l10n editor view)
Approved M Chris Ilias alt key is required for menu bar on linux, removed for tag on image
Approved M Lan Update for FF 47
Approved M AliceWyman linked "web feeds" to wikipedia article
Approved MT Lan Alice's note is OK for old versions, too
Unreviewed   AliceWyman updated search summary, added tip on adding a Subscribe button
Approved M Lan Update
Unreviewed   Lan WIP, don't approve unless you think we don't need pre29 content
Reviewed M DickJenkin Why am I not in my orig thread (new toolbar..)? Can I get back to it?
Approved M Michael Verdi Slight restructure, changed first heading
Unreviewed   scoobidiver removed fx3, automatic feeds discovery is specific to fx35, no manual adding section for fx35, fixed nested lists, broken links
Approved   Michael Verdi added summary and keywords
Unreviewed   Bo102010 FF2 showfor

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