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Thanks for helping to improve the Thunderbird Knowledge Base. For millions of people around the world, these articles are the face of Mozilla when they have a problem or question about Thunderbird. Improving the Knowledge Base is the way to get the biggest bang for our collective effort. The top articles help tens of thousands of people each week so the better we make them, the less people need one-on-one support and the better their overall experience is.

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As a nonprofit, open-source project, we rely on volunteers to write the majority of the articles. You don't need special permission to work on them — this is a wiki that anyone can edit. All you need is an account - just click "Register" in the top right corner of any page to set one up.


You can:

  • Improve an existing article: Do you see something that could be improved? Whether as small as fixing a typo or as big as a major rewrite - please dive in and fix it!
  • Create a new article: Do you know of something that needs to be documented? Have you solved a problem of your own and want to share your solution? Great! Search the Knowledge Base first to make sure that your information isn't already there, then feel free to create a new article.
  • Check out the TODO list: The Knowledge Base articles NEEDS DRAFT forum is like a TODO list. Each thread is a project (a new article or a revision) that needs to be done in the Knowledge Base. Pick a project, add a note to the forum thread and we'll move the thread from "Knowledge Base articles NEEDS DRAFT" to "KB Articles IN PROGRESS".

Don't be afraid to make a mistake. Before your revision is published it will be checked by Thunderbird's Knowledge Base admins. We'll check it for accuracy and fix any errors (or send you feedback with how to improve the draft).

More resources

Here are some resources that explain how we do things:

  • About the Knowledge Base: This is an overview of how our wiki is different from others, what kinds of topics we cover, how new articles are created and some ways you can make existing articles better.
  • How to write Knowledge Base articles TB: This is a guide to writing techniques and styles that we use to make articles more engaging and effective.
  • Markup and Templates: This is our wiki markup reference (for example, how to make bulleted lists, links, etc). It gives examples and shows the markup that produces them.

Meet other contributors

Say hello:

  • Help: If you need help, email us.
  • IRC: Talk to us in the #tb-support-crew IRC channel. This is where Thunderbird Help contributors help each other. Look for rolandtanglao and jenzed in there - we are, respectively, the Thunderbird support and documentation folks. If you don't have an IRC client, connect via Mibbit.
  • Mailing list: Longer conversations amongst the support community occur on the support crew mailing list.

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