I made something amazing, how do I get it featured on the homepage?

This article is no longer maintained, so its content might be out of date.

Every week we feature new makes on the homepage of webmaker.org and broadcast them out to our social media channels.

Your chances of getting featured are greatly increased by doing the following:

Share your make on Twitter using the #webmaker hashtag

You will not only get our attention but you will also showcase your work among other makers.

Make sure it has a clear title, description, and thumbnail

The title should be catchy and accurately describe what the person is about to watch.

Also fill out the description field and give it a beautiful 500x500 pixel thumbnail.

Give your content some relevant tags so others can find it better

  • In Popcorn Maker, go to the 'Project' tab after saving your project and notice the field that asks for tags. Add as many tags as you want with things that help identify your project.
  • In Thimble, you can add tags after hitting the publish button.

Thimble - tag screen

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