How to search in Firefox for Android Beta

This article applies to Firefox for Android Beta/Nightly (formerly called Firefox Preview).

You can browse and navigate to any web page in Firefox like you would in any other browser.

To search for web pages in Firefox

  1. Tap the address bar on the Firefox Home screen.
  2. Enter a keyword, phrase or URL in the address bar. You'll see search suggestions based on your previously visited sites or popular searches (if enabled).

Search by voice

  1. Tap the address bar on the Firefox Home screen.
  2. Tap the microphone icon on the right.
  3. Say your search terms out loud when prompted.


  • Search suggestions will display as you type if the Show search suggestions toggle was turned on previously. See How to manage search engines in Firefox for Android Beta for additional information on how to turn on search suggestions.
  • Tap Shortcuts below to change the default search engine.

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