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Current M AliceWyman removed outdated info on Vidyo. This article should be updated or archived.
Approved M AliceWyman replaced bad AirMo link with YouTube Mozilla videos page
Approved M AliceWyman linked to Matrix MozillaWiki page, other edits
Approved M Chris Ilias s/IRC/Matrix
Approved M AliceWyman added link to Platform Meeting MozillaWiki page and other edits
Approved M AliceWyman update based on revisions made while on Lithium.
Approved M Chris Ilias s/"see"/"visit the", and make sure link in sentence about sumo meeting wiki is at the end of the sentence
Approved M Dinesh Rephrased
Approved M AliceWyman commented out section on Platform meetings. Last meeting date on https://wiki.mozilla.org/Support/KB/Meetings was 3-31-2016 (Have they stopped?)
Approved M AliceWyman fixed broken link
Approved M AliceWyman Air Mozilla: removed "Monthly Mobile meeting ..." SUMO community meeting changed to Wednesday.
Approved   David (satdav) removed the mobile meeting from this KB
Approved M David (satdav) updated about the mobile meeting
Approved M AliceWyman Capitalization, minor updates to heading titles
Approved M Artist hope my edits make sense, especially at vidyo section
Approved   user917725 removed share article
Approved M David (satdav) fixing some urls and adding a bit about you need to download vidyo if you are a contributor
Approved M David (satdav) I have added new details to this page about air mozilla
Approved M AliceWyman Removed "What is a Meeting" and "What is a Mozilla Meeting" sections (no useful info)
Approved   user832823 just a typo
Approved   David (satdav) fixed the mibbit link
Approved M Andrew mobile meeting time change
Approved M David (satdav) minor fixes
Approved M Andrew changes with satdavs - fixed typos, edited more.
Unreviewed   David (satdav) fixed some typos and changed the name of the kb meeting
Approved   Michael Verdi added share template
Approved   Andrew Major Edits
Unreviewed   David (satdav) wiki links fixed
Reviewed   David (satdav) added a new kb about meetings and how to join them

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