How to make Firefox and websites go full screen

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Firefox can expand to fill your entire screen with its Full Screen feature. It's great for those itty bitty screens on netbooks, making the most of your HD TV or just because you want it to! This article tells all you need to know about it.

Turn on Full Screen

Bigger is better! Fill up your whole screen with Firefox.

  1. Click the Firefox button.
  2. Click Full Screen.
If the Menu Bar is shown (the default on Windows XP), click View and then click Full Screen.
  1. Click on View at the top of the Firefox window.
  2. Select Enter Full Screen from the drop-down menu.
  1. On the menu bar, click on the View menu.
  2. Click Full Screen.
  1. Click the Menu icon new FX menu on your toolbar to expand the customize menu.
  2. Select Full Screen.

fx29 mac fullscreen win fx29 fullscreen fx29 fullscreen linux

Turn off Full Screen

Gimme my computer back! Shrink Firefox back to it's original size.

  1. Move the pointer to the top of the screen.
  2. Right-click on an empty section of the Tab Strip.
  3. Click Exit Full Screen Mode
  1. Click the Menu icon new FX menu on your toolbar again to expand the customize menu.
  2. Deselect Full Screen.

Keyboard Shortcuts

For those with a good memory. Go Full Screen via the keyboard.

  • Toggle Full Screen keyboard shortcut: Press the F11 key.
    Note: On computers with a compact keyboard (such as netbooks and laptops), press the fn + F11 keys.
  • Toggle Full Screen keyboard shortcut: command + Shift + F