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Current M AliceWyman another small edit
Approved M AliceWyman small edits to warning, notes
Approved M AliceWyman edits to Intro warning, "yellow warning triangle" section
Approved M AliceWyman updated warning for fx70 and a few other edits
Unreviewed   AliceWyman update to pending revision (see discussion)
Unreviewed   AliceWyman "Gray padlock with a red strike over it" updated for fx70
Approved M TyDraniu (minor) Simplify {for}s
Unreviewed   AliceWyman Intro: edit to note for fx70
Unreviewed   Lamont Gardenhire Additional changes per discussion Alice.
Reviewed M Anticisco Freeman Modify dublicate
Approved M Lamont Gardenhire Updates for fx70
Approved M AliceWyman Image:blocked secure 42 (green padlock with gray triangle) no longer needed
Approved M AliceWyman other images updated for fx57
Approved M AliceWyman edit to Mkll's revision (new image is for fx57)
Unreviewed   Mkll Updated the Green Padlock image to reflect the Firefox Quantum UI, the other images still need updating.
Approved M Artist small change (... or certificates that are not issued by ...)
Approved M Joni cleaned up older versions, added template
Unreviewed   Joni removed green padlock with grey triangle, updated yellow triangle, and removed all versions prior to last ESR
Approved   Tonnes : -> . , add comma
Approved M Artist when = if, added "to"
Unreviewed   philipp update for removed globe icon & new site info button in fx45
Approved M AliceWyman Gray globe": "Many websites will have the gray globe because..." (see discussion).
Approved M Artist word consistency (Site Identity button)
Unreviewed   Tonnes add "organization", small icon wording consistency
Unreviewed   Tonnes redo r109298 edit: orange warning triangle icon -> yellow warning triangle icon
Approved M gerv Update to fix some errors and simplify and clarify the text (I help run Mozilla's certificate program)
Unreviewed   Joergen orange warning triangle icon -> yellow warning triangle icon
Approved   AliceWyman minor edit: Button -> button
Approved   tanvi handful of small changes
Approved M Joni fleshed out green padlock section; replaced grey padlock
Unreviewed   Joni edited green padlock section
Approved M philipp fixed fors
Approved M AliceWyman updated note to editors, removed <fx29 content
Approved M Tonnes Add Green padlock with gray warning triangle heading
Unreviewed   Underpass the TOC cannot be inserted more than once. Either approve it or open a bug to solve
Unreviewed   Tonnes finish sentence, other nits
Approved M AliceWyman edit based on pending revision to update link to renamed article
Approved M Michele Rodaro link: square brackets missing
Approved M Joni removed < fx29
Approved M Joni added for
Unreviewed   Joni updated with 42
Approved M Alexander Dmitriev put the screenshots for Mac back
Unreviewed   Alexander Dmitriev to not confuse
Unreviewed   Alexander Dmitriev updating for fx24, fx26, addition, Linux screenshots
Approved   novica Rewrite search summary to less than 140 characters.
Approved M Lan Added orange triangle fx29
Approved M Artist new icons image, "not" = format bold (2 notes)
Approved M Joni edited "more information" paragraph
Unreviewed   Joni added "more information" at the top.
Unreviewed   cammy_the_block clarified and editted down previous revision
Reviewed M Sayantan Connection to secure website is very important to prevent cyber crime.so you should check that the connection is secure or not? as mentioned above Gray globe Gray warning triangle Orange warning triangle Gray padlock Green padlock these are the symbol fo
Approved   Élie Michel Correct typo (triangel instead of triangle)
Approved   Tonnes typos
Approved M Joni added grey triangle to icons
Unreviewed   scootergrisen link says "Page Not Found"
Approved M Joni added screenshot for cammy_the_block's edit
Unreviewed   cammy_the_block added gray warning triangle
Unreviewed   Parmveer I read it over carefully.
Approved M Joni updated for fx29
Unreviewed   Joni in progress- please don't approve
Reviewed M ywlam please solve ..
Reviewed M ywlam please solve ..
Approved M grubert added another Mac screenshot
Unreviewed   grubert added some Mac screenshots
Unreviewed   scoobidiver difference between HTTPS and padlock, minor fixes
Unreviewed   scoobidiver mixed content in Fx23, fixed nits
Approved   John99 Keyword grEy added, accepted en-UK en-GB spelling of "gray" is "grey"
Approved M scoobidiver One TOC, removed useless {/for}, short link at bottom
Approved M Michael Verdi combining last two revisions plus removed warning triangle (it was removed right before release)
Unreviewed   AliceWyman updated [[Page Info window]] links so that the display text is "Page Info window" since they now display the renamed article title "View techncial details about the page you are on"
Unreviewed   ahmed Added Firefox 14 Linux pictures for all except gray warning triangle
Approved M Michael Verdi New article for Fx 14
Approved M Michael Verdi New 160 character search summary, removed 3.6 content
Approved   Chris Ilias add padlock lock keywords
Approved   scoobidiver added keywords
Approved M Michael Verdi Added Fx 4 screenshots, updated 2 sentences to match what was shown in the screenshots
Unreviewed   Tonnes validation -> certificate, site's -> site, and 2 x ''' -> ''

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