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How do I share things from Firefox for Android?

Firefox for Android makes it easy to share things on the web using the share menu item, reader mode and by bumping together two devices that support NFC. This article explains how it works.

Note: This article doesn't apply to your version of Firefox. It requires the latest Firefox for Android Release version which can be downloaded from

How do I Share using the menu?

To share things you find on the web, go to that website and:

  1. Tap the Menu button (either at the bottom edge of the screen or in the the top-right corner) and then tap Settings (on some phones you may need to tap More first).
  2. Tap the Share button to share.

    FF24 Share Menu Jelly Bean 300px wide

How do I Share in Reader Mode?

To share things in Reader mode:

  1. Tap the readinglist4 icon and choose the app that you want to share with.

For more about the Reader Mode feature, see How to use Reader Mode.

How do I share using NFC?

Only a few newer Andoid devices support NFC. Both the sending and receiving devices must support NFC for this feature to work.
  1. On both the sending and receiving devices, ensure NFC is on: In Android settings, under Wireless & Network tap More... and then check the box next to "NFC".
  2. To share a URL from Firefox, touch the back of the sending device to the back of the receiving device and then tap Touch to beam on the sending device.

ff24 touch to beam jelly bean 300px wide

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