How do I reply to a text message sent to my phone mask?

All messages sent to your phone mask will be forwarded to your true phone number. You can reply to these messages from your phone’s messaging app.

To reply to a forwarded message

  1. Open your phone’s message app.
  2. Find the forwarded message you wish to reply to. Forwarded messages will come from your Relay number. The sender’s number will appear in the body of the message.
  3. Start your reply by typing the last four digits of the phone number you want to respond to.
  4. Once you're ready, tap Send.
    Relay Text Reply

All set! The sender will receive the reply from your Relay number, keeping your true number private.

Note: Currently, Firefox Relay can only reply to text messages from US and Canadian senders.

Is there a limit to how many text messages I get?

  • You can receive and reply to up to 75 text messages per month in total. Any additional replies will not be delivered. Any additional texts sent to your phone number mask will not be forwarded to your true number.
  • The number of remaining messages goes down when you reply to or receive a text message.
  • The month turns over on your billing date, not the calendar date. Once your billing month has turned over, you will start receiving text messages again.

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