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Highlighting is both a Free and Premium feature. For free Pocket accounts, you can create up to 3 highlights per article. For accounts subscribed to Pocket Premium, you can create an unlimited number of highlights.

You can highlight in Pocket's iOS and Android apps and on the Pocket website.

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Create a highlight

Creating a highlight is as simple as selecting text in Article View. When you highlight a passage, the text background will change color so it stands out from the rest of the article.

  1. Hold your finger (or click) on a word that you’d like to include in the highlight.
  2. Expand the selection to include the entire passage.
  3. Tap or click the Highlight button.
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Highlighting in Pocket for Android and iOS
Pocket highlight
Highlighting on the Pocket website

Manage your highlights

View, share or delete your Highlights

When you select a highlight in an article, it takes you to the Highlights page, where you can see all of your highlights from the same article in one place. From here, you can take further action on your highlighted passages, including:

  • Share: Share the highlight to other apps
  • Delete: Remove the highlight from the article
    My Highlights
Reviewing highlighted passages in an article on Pocket's web app.

Filter your Saves by Highlighted Articles

When you’re viewing your Saves, you can apply the Highlights filter to see all of your highlights across all of your articles in one place. From here, you can perform the same actions as when you tap a highlight within an article: Share or Delete.

On Android and iOS

  1. Open the Pocket app and tap Saves in the Navigation.
  2. Tap Highlighted in the top menu to see all articles where you’ve highlighted text. If you don’t see it, then swipe across the top menu to find more options.

Alternatively, tapping a highlight takes you to the list of highlighted articles where you can share or remove them.

On Pocket's website

You can find the Highlights filter in the side menu:

Pocket filters

Common Questions

Why don't I see the option to highlight when I select text?

There could be a couple of reasons why you don't see the option to highlight text in Pocket:

  • Highlighting is available in Pocket's apps for iOS, Android and Web. Other platforms and integrations do not have highlighting at this time.
  • Highlighting is available in Article View. If you're viewing an article in Original View, switch to Article View and you'll see the option to highlight selected text. Only links identified as Articles can be highlighted, meaning that PDFs, forum posts and other links are not compatible.

Can I share a highlight?

Yes, you can open the highlights menu and share individual highlighted passages.

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