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Current   Chris Ilias s/Forum rules and guidelines/Mozilla Support rules and guidelines
Approved M AliceWyman removed link to outdated blog post
Approved M AliceWyman added back mozillaZine forums, which are still open.
Approved   AliceWyman Reddit bullet point with 3 links; other minor edits
Approved   Chris Ilias label mozilla.org/about/forums link as newsgroups
Approved   AliceWyman minor edit
Approved M AliceWyman removed MozillaZine (to be closed); added reddit forums
Approved M AliceWyman reworded note
Approved M AliceWyman updated note. Sign-in is now required before asking a question.
Approved M AliceWyman Note: linked to [[Firefox Accounts on support.mozilla.org]]
Approved M AliceWyman edit to note about FxA integration
Reviewed M AliceWyman edit to note on FxA integration (see discussion)
Approved   Random121 fixed some grammer
Approved M AliceWyman reworded note on creating an account when asking a question
Approved M AliceWyman reworded Intro referring to the Get Help button.
Approved M AliceWyman added r/Firefox forum at reddit as suggested by Rachel (see discussion)
Unreviewed   AliceWyman (edit to Joni's revision) "Get Help" link changed from /products/firefox to /questions/new; linkified Help Topics.
Unreviewed   guigs Joni, I added some commentary for other parts of the article that really needs updating. However, your changes look really great!
Unreviewed   Joni made call to action easier to see
Approved M AliceWyman added Firefox for Enterprise
Approved M AliceWyman Additional resources: Knowledge Base -> Help Topics
Approved M AliceWyman Additional resources: support newsgroups -> Forums: End-User Support
Approved M AliceWyman added Firefox Rocket, Firefox for Fire TV
Reviewed M elizabeth thomas
Approved M AliceWyman update to note on registration - see https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1004969#c16
Approved M AliceWyman Focus by Firefox -> Firefox Focus
Approved M AliceWyman How do I create a screenshot article is no longer limited to Windows, Linux, or Mac OS.
Reviewed M YFdyh000 Add Topic for iOS, bug 1238316
Approved M AliceWyman Focus by Firefox added to list of supported products (see discussion)
Approved M AliceWyman pages -> steps (see discussion & bug 1173515 on pending AAQ change)
Approved   AliceWyman edited note to remove "but it will be worth it!"
Approved M AliceWyman added "Firefox for iOS"
Approved M AliceWyman Additional resources: linked to "Where to go for developer support" article
Approved   AliceWyman "Ask a question" link made into a button, on a new line
Approved M scootergrisen Removed "Ask a question" image so it does not have to be translated (more easy to translate a link text) and changed the order og Webmaker and Thunderbird to match the /en-US/questions/new page
Approved M AliceWyman added info on adding screenshots
Approved M AliceWyman See Discussion: "Frequently asked" Changed to "Recently solved" and updated link for All Products
Reviewed M Moses Added 'Open Badges' to heading
Reviewed M Jade added Open Badges to list
Approved   AliceWyman updated summary to change "Firefox" to "Mozilla products"
Approved M AliceWyman added #end-user-support to newsgroups link
Approved M AliceWyman added Thunderbird
Reviewed M debjanichatterjee deleted
Reviewed M debjanichatterjee template share article added
Approved M Michael Verdi removed en-us from link
Approved M Michael Verdi Added new link to answered questions
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi removed share template
Approved   debjanichatterjee added share article template
Approved M AliceWyman removed link to "solved" questions for the time being (it defaults to "Needs attention") and other edits
Approved M Michael Verdi Fixed Firefox name, removed troubleshooting info article (people don't need to see that before posting a question), fixed expert/volunteer problem in the later section by removing the redundancy
Unreviewed   Tonnes make previous edit apply to last section as well (or use e.g. 'experienced')
Approved M user709721 Changed the word 'expert' contributors to 'volunteer' ccontributors as the word expert implies that us volunteers are trained and that this is our profession.
Approved M Andrew webmaker added, the site--> Mozilla Support, article name update.
Approved M Joshua Smith Removed locale from link, fixed some grammar, edited search summary
Unreviewed   scoobidiver same name as in AAQ, thread for forums, Mozilla wiki has no answer
Unreviewed   Joshua Smith Addressed the "Needs Changes" comment, tidied up the grammar
Approved M scoobidiver add back en-US for locales with AAQ strings localized and this article not localized
Approved M David (satdav) removed the en-us as this page should be locale template
Approved M mluna add a qualifier in the heading
Approved M AliceWyman Linked to "Use the Troubleshooting Information page to help fix Firefox issues"
Approved M Michael Verdi Need to mark ready for localization
Approved   Michael Verdi first draft

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