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have you tried Firefox's zoom feature? It will let you enlarge, reduce or reset the size of a webpage or any other content displayed on your screen. The zoom feature affects all displayed content.

  • To enlarge the size of the displayed content, press both keys Ctrl and + at the same time.
  • To reduce the size of the displayed content, press Ctrl and - at the same time.
  • To reset the size back to default, press Ctrl and 0 at the same time.

You can also use the NoSquint add-on to simultaneously change the default zoom level for all websites. After setting your global zoom level, you can still fine-tune the zoom on individual sites.

Using NoSquint:

  1. After installing NoSquint, make sure that the Add-on Bar is displayed on your Firefox:
    • Right-click on the new tab button ("+") or
    • Right-click in the blank area of the tab bar to the right of it.
    • Choose „Add-on Bar” from the shortcut menu.
  2. Click on the % value shown on the Add-on Bar to call up the Site Settings, then click the Global Settings button, then the Zooming tab.
    • You can experiment with sizes larger than 125%, but it is not recommended to go higher than 150% unless you have a large high-resolution monitor.

If there are particular sites that still present a problem, feel free to post their URLs.

Please let us know if this information helped you!

Thank you.

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