Forum Response - Trouble Surfing Web Firefox OS


Thank you for contacting Mozilla Support about your Firefox OS device. I am glad to assist you in regards to you having issues surfing the web.

  • Please make sure that your internet connectivity (Wi-Fi/ Mobile data) is working properly and is turned on.
  • If internet connectivity is working properly and other applications are working properly, hold the home button and close the application causing trouble.
  • If the Firefox Browser is having issues, try clearing cookies and data:
  1. To clear your cookies and data from the browser, complete the following steps:
  2. Open the browser and tap the tab in the upper right.
    • The sidebar will open.
  3. Tap the gear button at the top to open the browser settings.
  4. Tap the Clear cookies and private data button.
  • If none of the above solved your issue, please reboot your device to see if it helps.

Did this fix your problem? Please report back to us!

Thank you

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