Firefox failed to update - how to update manually

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Firefox recently tried to update to the latest version, but something went wrong. You can still get the new Firefox by downloading and installing a new copy. Here's how to do it.

Download and install Firefox manually

  1. download firefox win 32x32 Download a fresh copy of Firefox.
  2. Click on the Download Manager icon Blue Download Fx 20 Mac at the top right corner of Firefox and select your newly downloaded file to start the installer.
  3. Close Firefox, then click Run on the installer.
    run installer
  4. Follow the prompts to install Firefox. The new version of Firefox will launch automatically and replace the old version.
  1. mac download 32x32 Download a fresh copy of Firefox.
  2. Select Open with when prompted by the dialog window.
    runfirefox mac
  3. In the window that opens, drag the Firefox icon to the Applications folder.
    firefox mac folder
  4. A message might warn you that Firefox is already in that folder. Click Replace to have the new Firefox replace the old version.
  5. Remember to add a shortcut to Firefox on your Dock for easier access.

Try to install Firefox using your distributor's package management system first (please refer to their documentation). If that doesn't work, try these steps:

  1. download linux 32x32 Download a fresh copy of Firefox.
  2. Select Open with on the dialog window:
    open firefox linux
  3. From the default archive manager, extract the archive content into a folder (such as your Home folder). A new folder named Firefox will be created there.
  4. Close the Firefox browser, then in the Firefox folder, double-click on the Firefox icon to launch the new Firefox.
  5. Add Firefox to your desktop or task bar to access it more easily in the future.
Firefox automatically transfers your bookmarks, history and site preferences to the new version. No need to import and export your information.
Not the right file? Visit the Firefox downloads page to download Firefox for other operating systems and languages.

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