Firefox for Android supports Flash - learn how to enable it

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Firefox for mobile doesn't currently support Flash. We're working on ways to deliver a great experience with plugins like Flash for future releases of Firefox for mobile.

How can I use YouTube without Flash?

One of the most popular uses of Flash is YouTube videos. There is a simple workaround that makes the YouTube experience in Firefox much better.

  1. To start, swipe to the left and tap the Gear button located on the bottom, right side of the screen.
  2. Select the add-ons (puzzle piece) tab and scroll down to see the add-ons search bar.
  3. Search for phony.
  4. Tap to select Phony and then tap Add to Firefox.
  5. Next select the preferences (sliders) tab.
  6. Change the User Agent setting from Default to Android (Nexus One).


Now when you visit YouTube, videos will open in the built-in Android YouTube app.

For more info about add-ons for Firefox, see Find and install Add-ons on Firefox for Android

Watch your favorite videos and animated web sites with Firefox mobile by enabling Flash.

  1. To enable the Flash plugin, tap the hardware Menu button.
  2. On the Settings screen, tap the Plugins item and choose Enabled or Tap to play.