Feed reader replacements for Firefox

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Firefox’s built-in feed reader and “Live Bookmarks” will be removed starting with the release of Firefox version 64 in December 2018.

After reviewing the usage data and technical maintenance requirements for these features and taking into account alternative RSS/Atom feed readers already available to you, we have realized that these features have an outsized maintenance and security impact relative to their usage. Removing the feed reader and Live Bookmarks allows us to focus on features that make a greater impact.

With this article, we hope to help you find a suitable replacement for the build-in feed reader and migrate your live bookmarks to your new feed reader.

Replacements for the built-in feed reader

Add-ons: There are several extensions for Firefox that provide feed reader functionality. You can browse our curated collection of readers here, or search for other feed readers on addons.mozilla.org.

Feed Aggregators: There are many dedicated clients for feed readers, many of which provide a better experience than Firefox. You can find more information about these clients on Wikipedia.

Content discovery and presentation: Mozilla is working on various initiatives that provide similar functionality to RSS/Atom feed support, like Pocket (for aiding content discovery and selection by users) and Reader Mode (for features like voice support and user-controlled styling of content).

What will happen to my existing live bookmarks?

Firefox will tell you when support for live bookmarks has ended and offer you some suggested options for how you can continue consuming those feeds. You may want to:

  • Export your existing live bookmarks an OPML file, and then import this file into your new feed reader.
  • Replace the live bookmarks with “normal” bookmarks pointing to the site URL (not feed) associated with the live bookmark. If no site URL exists, the original live bookmark is removed.

Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR)

ESR version 60 will support the built-in feed reader and live bookmarks features. Support for these features will be removed in October 2019, when ESR 60 is no longer supported.