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Current M AliceWyman Image:Fx76ClearRecentHistory [Clear Now] -> [OK] since at least fx76
Reviewed M stevereczek adds how to remove multiple individual contigous or non-contigous sites from history sidebar or history search results
Approved M Angela Lazar Added video
Approved   Wesley Branton Minor: Clarification on the "last day" option, which is actually "today" in the drop-down
Approved M AliceWyman Browsing & Download History: updated links to renamed articles; other edits
Approved M AliceWyman 'Form & Search History": mentioned New Tab page; other edits
Approved M AliceWyman Clear cookies and data for a specific website: replaced content with article link
Approved M AliceWyman Clear cookies and data for a specific website: new image for fx65
Approved M AliceWyman Clear cookies and data for a specific website: new image for fx63, KB article link.
Approved   AliceWyman (minor) replaced Fx60 image
Approved M AliceWyman small changes to last revision, purged pre-fx60 content
Approved M Underpass since an image is gone, I think it's better to explain what it was for
Approved   Rok Removed unnecessary "{"
Approved M AliceWyman How do I clear my history? small edit for not fx63 (no need to click Details arrow)
Approved M AliceWyman How do I clear my history? {for fx63} used Windows image; need mac, linux images
Unreviewed   AliceWyman How do I clear my history? separate steps for fx63, for not fx63
Approved M jbal4 updated instructions to reflect new UI
Approved M Tonnes grammar nit (period), consistent wording with other article ("its" URL = from what?)
Unreviewed   Tonnes site information -> Site Info [Image] button
Unreviewed   Tonnes my -> your history (I’d suggest not to use "my" unless in question headers - may need aditional changes when approved)
Approved   Michele Rodaro {button Clear Cookies and Site data]] - " ]] " <-- " } "
Approved M Joni added version 62
Approved M jscher2000 Clarifying when history might not be cleared at shutdown, per Bug 1206436
Approved M AliceWyman Image:Fx60History-Custom-Clear {for fx60}
Approved M AliceWyman Image:Fx57History-custom-clear added for fx57
Approved M AliceWyman Image:Fx56History-custom-clear {for =fx56} (need a fx57 image?)
Approved M AliceWyman updated for fx57
Approved M AliceWyman updated for fx56 with new Image: Fx56History-custom-clear
Approved   Michele Rodaro Images: changed from inline to block level
Approved M AliceWyman Settings for Clearing History Fx42
Approved   novica Rewrite search summary to less than 140 characters.
Approved M Joni updated for fx38
Approved   scootergrisen Image(s) changed from inline to block level
Approved   scootergrisen ... > …
Approved   AliceWyman added line breaks to end of article
Approved M AliceWyman couple of edits to the Intro, removed ShareArticle template
Reviewed M Abhimanyu Rephrased a few things and corrected a puntuation.
Reviewed M Hossain Al Ikram ok
Reviewed M Jithin Mathew comma and spellings
Reviewed M Jithin Mathew comma inclusion
Reviewed M hemantsarthak i told in it that it works same in the window 7 also and i told them that there are many softwares also that help in stooping histiry
Approved M Tonnes fix link
Approved M Michael Verdi removed an extra {for} tag
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi restored clear history instructions for fx21 - 28
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi formatting tweaks
Unreviewed   Joni Ready for review - changed an fx29 step from the traditional menu method to the new menu method.
Unreviewed   Joni WIP: I just realized I could have used a template for a lot of these steps.
Unreviewed   Joni Ready for review: edited keywords
Unreviewed   Joni Ready for review: added Fx29.
Reviewed M Gaurav pareek minor correction
Reviewed M altigere altigere
Reviewed M adampeebleswrites Inserted a Mac screenshot of the Clear Recent History item in the History menu.
Approved M adampeebleswrites Added a new Win XP screenshot of the Clear Recent History item in the History menu.
Approved M Michael Verdi separated winxp step for fx21, restored win7,8 screenshot, swaped screenshot in another step
Unreviewed   user832823 reformed the article - need screenshots
Reviewed   user832823 changes for Fx21 Clear recent history option - need screenshots for linux, mac
Approved   Michael Verdi Swap video with youtube version
Reviewed   GrandmaLovesAFox
Approved M scoobidiver added clear as keyword
Approved   scoobidiver fixed links, added keywords
Approved   Matt_G Removed remove from keywords
Approved   Matt_G Added Clear to keywords
Approved M Swarnava Sengupta added the Share this article template
Approved M Michael Verdi Added Gavin's wording change to Fx 4+ instructions, removed Fx 3.6 content
Approved M Gavin Sharp tweak description of "active logins" to be more accurate
Approved M Michael Verdi New 160 character search summary
Approved M scoobidiver removed useless for end
Unreviewed   scoobidiver .org instead of .com, new zoom article name, removed line breaks, removed article name, added missing periods
Approved M Michael Verdi updated for new cache settings in Fx 11
Approved   scoobidiver changed keywords
Approved M scoobidiver used T:OpenHistoryLibrary, "click on" replaced by click, Firefox button instead of menu
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi Added the word "note" to the note about flash
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi Added not and link about running the latest Flash plugin
Reviewed   kieran
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi Fixed link for real this time, Made cookie info more specific for fx 3.6 and fx 4
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi removed ? from internal link, made info about flash cookies {for fx4}
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi removed fx3 content, fixed broken list, fixed anchor link, added info about clearing cookies set by plugins
Reviewed   tateka
Approved M Underpass fixed anchor
Approved M Michael Verdi I added a screencast and incorporated a tiny change in the previous waiting revision
Unreviewed   rampuse few words that i would have found useful
Reviewed   Underpass anchor
Approved M Michael Verdi fixed {for}
Unreviewed   Cheng Wang reworded some history item descriptions fixed whitespace
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi Updated for fx4, new screenshots, tweaked wording, new headings, simplified intro
Approved   Michael Verdi fixed showfor, added summary and keywords
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi Added a comment in the wiki code to explain the rollback

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