Firefox family-friendly browsing in a restricted profile

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Firefox for Android works seamlessly with your Android tablet's restricted profiles, offering each family member a safe, independent, and frustration-free browsing experience. When used with restricted profiles, Firefox for Android comes with only the basic features by default, allowing you to grant additional features that are appropriate for each family member.

Is family-friendly browsing available on my device? Family-friendly browsing in Firefox is available for restricted profiles on Android tablets (versions 4.3 and up) only. It is not available on phones or phablets.

Here's how it works:

Manage features for each family member

Family-friendly browsing lets you enable or disable specific Firefox features for each profile, giving each user a safe and hassle-free experience while giving you peace of mind.

  1. Add a restricted profile for each family member by tapping the system Settings icon, followed by Users, then Add user or profile, and finally Restricted profile.
  2. Tap the cogwheel next to the restricted profile you want to customize.
    restricted profiles setting
  3. Tap the switch next to Firefox to enable it for that profile.
    enable firefox restricted access
  4. Tap the cogwheel next to Firefox and choose the features you want to enable for that user:
    ffb settings 45

Repeat these steps to create a restricted profile and custom Firefox experience for each family member.

The following features are available in family-friendly browsing. Some of these are disabled by default, so tap the switch on to allow them:

Customize each user's home screen

Family-friendly browsing offers big, colorful tiles and a customizable home screen for each access to favorite sites. Pin and add your child's favorite sites or searches so she can visit them without additional assistance.

family friendly home screen 42

Add sites or search results to the home screen

  1. Tap Add a site on the home screen to display a prompt.
  2. Enter a web address or search term for the page or result you want your child to access.
    add site fx android tablet
You can have up to nine tiles on your home screen. To replace a tile, long-tap on it to bring up the menu, then tap Edit.

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