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Current M Underpass sorry, broken internal link
Approved MT Underpass the description of the storage methods IMHO has more sense if placed first
Approved M thomas8 Add note on reverse checkbox values, and try to force SUMO to update stale screenshots.
Approved MT thomas8 Update article for TB 91, new screenshots, and nitfixes
Reviewed M Wayne Mery Add version 91 wording changes
Approved   Michele Rodaro "How can I configure compact?" minor edit: Changed | with >
Approved MT Wayne Mery add link in
Approved M Underpass since the note is logically referred to the last block, a new paragraph is not necessary IMO
Unreviewed   Underpass corrected anchor, hid reference to article not yet approved
Approved M Matt Corrected spelling of potential complications
Approved M Wayne Mery add reference to "potential complications"
Unreviewed   Wayne Mery wsm second big revision
Unreviewed   Matt Not for review
Unreviewed   Wayne Mery Improve for lay users to reduce fear - less jargon, shorten, remove "compaction" in favor of "compact", add "purge" (started in version 68), describe the compact dialog
Approved M Lan Note about Maildir
Approved   Chris Ilias update profiles article link
Approved   Michael Buluma removed extra space
Unreviewed   vesper substituting pipes for > (navigation)
Approved   user917725 removed share template
Approved M Dyvik Chenna Share this article added
Approved MT Thunderbird Migration Imported from SUMOMO 2014-02-14 09:44:44

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