common forum responses

Note: This document is used as a listing for the canned responses tool. See the Create or improve common forum responses article for guidelines.


Blocked Add-ons

Installing an extension

Uninstalling an extension

Switch to previous theme

Search and homepage issues caused by add-on issues

Settings for themes

Containers add-ons may reset

Confirm default search engine (add-on prompt)


Remove Other Bookmarks folder from the Bookmarks Toolbar (Firefox 84 and above)

Lost Bookmarks

Recover bookmarks and other profile data missing after update

Add Bookmarks Menu toolbar icon to show missing bookmark folders

Cache and Cookies

Clear cache and cookies

Reload a site and bypass the cache

Common troubleshooting steps

Start Firefox in Troubleshoot Mode

Disable hardware acceleration in Firefox

Get troubleshooting information

Clean reinstall of Firefox

Refresh Firefox - reset defaults


Firefox crashes

Firefox crashes when you open it (Windows)

Firefox crashes when you open it (Mac)

Forum information and requests

Volunteers (and how to submit feedback)

Forum Response - Off topic and unrelated question

Problem Resolved

Create A New Thread

Create a screenshot


Open about_config (Firefox Configuration Editor)

Tabs below the URL bar (userChrome CSS edit)

userChrome CSS edit warning

Zoom feature

Missing toolbar and customizing Firefox

Turn off Firefox automatic update

I found a fake Firefox update

Malware (Windows Only)

Disable JavaScript

Mixed Content

Websites will not load after Firefox update

What is Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP)

Choose another PDF reader

Advanced Customization Warnings

about:config warning

userChrome.css warning

Hot Topics

Shield Study Opt in/out Option

Antiracist Pocket stories and messages from Firefox

Lockwise/Firefox asks for OS login when accessing passwords

Widevine CDM issue on Firefox 87 and below

Search study - September 2021

Flash Plugin

Flash End of Life

Why you shouldn't worry about Flash End of Life

Printing and print preview

Check print margins

Print preview issue in 81

Add Yahoo Search to Firefox

Search Hijacker

Changing default search engine

Firefox for Android

Add ons problems and requests on Firefox for Android

Basic Browsing Issues on Firefox for Android

No Firefox for Symbian, Windows Phone, etc (Android)

Customizing the start screen (home page) (Android)

Send crash reports on Github

Firefox for Amazon

Firefox for Amazon end of support

Firefox for iOS

Missing bookmark star on iOS

Firefox Lite

Firefox Lite end of support


Room capacity

Room duration

videos and presentations in Hubs

Saving a Hubs chat

Hubs compatibility

Disappearing lines in Hubs

Custom scenes, avatars and developer info

Connection, audio and video issues


Clean Reinstall (Thunderbird)

Troubleshooting Thunderbird using Safe Mode

Asking for Troubleshooting Information (Thunderbird)

Missing email (Thunderbird)

Firefox Private Network (Secure Proxy)

Report issues/feedback

Using Private Network while traveling

Compatible devices

Is it safe to shop or bank online with Private Network?

Is Private Network free?

How is Private Network different from incognito mode or private browsing?

How is Private Network different from a VPN?

What does Private Network protect me against?

Will I have to pay for Firefox Private Network?

Will Firefox Private Network be available on mobile?

Firefox Accounts and Sync

Sync not a backup service

Forced Sync after a failed Sync

Firefox Account sign-in and Sync Verification Email FAQs

Unauthorized access to Firefox Accounts and Sync

Firefox Better Web

Firefox Better Web with Scroll

Firefox Send and Firefox Notes

Firefox Send and Firefox Notes Decommission

Mozilla VPN

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