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This file is used as a listing for the canned responses tool. Please follow these steps on how to use it.

Adding a new article:

  1. In order to add a new article, simply create a new one here: Make sure it's in the "Canned responses" category and that the page title starts with "Forum Response".
  2. Have your submission reviewed by another moderator to minimize errors. Please contact a reviewer or Joni directly if your submission requires immediate attention or hasn't been reviewed in 24 hours.
  3. Add a link to the article under the appropriate heading. If no heading is available, add a new one, like this:

== Heading under which you want the response to be ==

[[Forum Response - Test response|Label you want the response to have]]


Uninstalling an extension

Switch to previous theme

Cache and Cookies

Clear cache and cookies

Reload a site and bypass the cache

Common troubleshooting steps

Starting Firefox in Safe Mode

Get troubleshooting information

Clean reinstall

Reset Firefox


Firefox crashes

Firefox crashes when you open it (Windows)

Firefox crashes when you open it (Mac)


Downloads hang at the end

Hot Topics

Hide Tab Bar

Disable Javascript

Mixed Content


Opening the Firefox configuration

Zoom feature

Zoom feature on Firefox 22

Lost Bookmarks

Creating a screenshot

Missing Toolbar

Turning off automatic Firefox update

Malware (Windows Only)

Disable hardware acceleration in Firefox


Problem Resolved

Create A New Thread


Plugin check

Recent Flash issues

Disable hardware acceleration in Flash Player

Choose another PDF reader

Activate Java

Printing and print preview

Check print margins

Search Hijacker

Changing default search engine

Firefox for Android

Clear cache and cookies (Android)

Add Quit back (Android)

No Firefox for iOS and Symbian (Android)

Customizing the start screen (home page) (Android)

Firefox OS

Surfing the web issue (Firefox OS)

Reset the phone (Firefox OS)

Update the phone (Firefox OS)

Contact your Carrier (Firefox OS)

Contact Place of Purchase (Firefox OS)

Turn phone off and on (Firefox OS)

Reboot phone (Firefox OS)

Request More Information (Firefox OS)


Clean Reinstall

Troubleshooting Thunderbird using Safe Mode

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