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General feature request

Thank you for your feedback. If you wish to request this feature, you can do so by posting your idea to our feedback site at

Save as PDF

The ability to save page as PDF is not currently available in Firefox for Android. However, they are on the product roadmap for 2022. YAY!

Alternatively, you can utilize Android’s screenshot functionality (hold Volume ’-’ and Power button) to save it as a picture. In the meantime, please keep your app updated to get the latest functionality.

Pull down to refresh

This functionality is still under development. If you're interested, you can help us to test this feature by using the Nightly version of Firefox for Android.

Import bookmark

There are currently no plans to include importing bookmarks from other browsers into Firefox for Android due to Android restrictions. For more technical users, there is a path to work around this restriction by syncing data utilizing a Windows, MacOS, or Linux device. To learn more, please see this article.

Sort bookmark

I’m sorry if you can’t sort bookmarks on Firefox for Android. This is something that our team have acknowledged, but we don’t have any specific plans to share at this time. In the meantime, you can use the desktop version to sort through your bookmarks.

Bookmark management

Improved bookmark management is something that our developers are interested in pursuing. At this time however, the team’s focus is directed towards higher priority items on the roadmap. We hope to provide more details once this functionality makes it onto the product roadmap.

Tablet UI optimization

The Firefox for Android team would love to invest more in optimizing the browser for tablet devices. At this time, however, the team’s focus is directed towards higher priority items on the product roadmap. We do hope to revisit this with time and resources permitting.

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