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Current M AliceWyman removed outdated "one click" phrase (see bug 1778245)
Approved   Chris Ilias purged pre-fx89 content
Approved   AliceWyman removed serial comma (minor)
Approved M AliceWyman removed video; updates for fx89, other edits (see dicussion)
Unreviewed   JeremyKoozar Restructured sentence under 'Remove a search engine' section.
Unreviewed   JeremyKoozar Restructured sentences and added more information; removed serial comma.
Unreviewed   JeremyKoozar Restructured sentences and added more information; removed serial comma.
Approved M AliceWyman Search engine keywords
Approved M AliceWyman Image:DefaultSearchEngineSetByAddon is for not fx84 (fx78-83)
Approved M AliceWyman Image:Fx84DefaultSearchEngineSetByAddon (bug 1625963); deleted pre-fx78 content
Approved M AliceWyman Default Search Engine: added note about add-ons (see discussion)
Approved M Angela Lazar Name update "search shortcuts"
Approved M Angela Lazar Add Fx83 new search shortcuts
Approved   AliceWyman fixed link in line 62: [[Disable or remove add-ons#w_removing-extensions]]
Approved M AliceWyman Remove or add search engines: "Restore default search engines" made easier to find
Approved M jscher2000 - Support Volunteer Fx78: up to two search history suggestions will appear
Approved   AliceWyman small edit to search summary (minor)
Approved M AliceWyman for fx78 new Image:Fx78-RemoveSearchEngine
Approved M AliceWyman for not fx78 Image:F63OneClickSearch, Image:Fx68RemoveSearchEngine
Approved M AliceWyman Image:Fx73DefaultSearchEngine for fx71-77
Approved M Angela Lazar Updated screenshots for 78 (no Twitter)
Approved M Artist minor edits (search bar not upper-case, compare images)
Approved   Michele Rodaro minor edit: a closing "for" missing for an image
Approved M AliceWyman Search suggestions for fx71, new images
Approved   Angela Lazar Added video
Approved M AliceWyman updated images, other edits
Approved M AliceWyman Remove or add search engines: note about extensions, other edits
Approved M AliceWyman Remove or add search engines: combined; linked to KB article
Approved M AliceWyman new image: Fx63DefaultSearchEngine and other small edits
Approved M MNapolitano Updated to F63 screenshots in the One-Click Search section
Approved M AliceWyman removed unnecessary link to archived article
Approved M AliceWyman Provide Search Suggestions: new image for fx61+ (minor)
Approved M AliceWyman Add more -> Find more search engines; new fx61 screenshot
Approved   AliceWyman minor (Caps)
Approved M AliceWyman a few small edits
Approved M AliceWyman added Search bar section, purged pre-fx60 content, other edits
Approved M AliceWyman Intro: small edit to last revision for fx60
Approved M Wesley Branton Updated for Firefox 60 "Show search suggestions ahead of browsing history in address bar results" change
Approved M AliceWyman updated for fx59: "show search suggestions before browsing history" option has been removed (see discussion)
Approved M AliceWyman updated images for fx57 and above: Yahoo is no longer a default engine.
Approved M AliceWyman Removed {for not fx59}[[Image:Fx59SearchPanel]]{/for}
Approved   Joni updated screenshot for ftop section
Approved   Joni added screenshot per relman request
Approved M AliceWyman Intro: linkified Search bar, added back =fx58 image
Approved M AliceWyman purged pre-fx52 content, added Image:Fx59SearchPanel and Template:optionspreferences
Approved M Joni updated for 59
Unreviewed   Joni updated for 59
Approved M AliceWyman {for fx57}, turn the search bar on or off{/for}
Approved M AliceWyman explained how to open the Search panel in the Intro (removed note)
Unreviewed   Underpass ebay is again among the available search providers
Unreviewed   Underpass inserted a "for" for fx57, moved note up and fixed image spacing
Approved M Joni updated for 57
Approved M AliceWyman Provide search suggestions: location bar -> address bar in Fx56
Approved M AliceWyman updated images for fx56
Approved M Lan Cortana setting removed in fx52; screenshots
Approved M Joni added more mentions of address bar
Approved M Joni one-click now shows up in the address bar; updated article to mention that.
Approved M AliceWyman Available search engines: {for not fx49} eBay
Approved M Joni removed ebay
Approved M AliceWyman "Available search engines" heading added since it's linked from the article Add or remove a search engine in Firefox
Approved M AliceWyman SearchPanel images removed for now, added win10 screenshot for fx43 and other edits to pending revision.
Unreviewed   AliceWyman edit to pending revision: 'Show search suggestions in location bar results' added in fx43 (see discussion)
Unreviewed   AliceWyman linked to [[Add or remove a search engine in Firefox]]
Unreviewed   AliceWyman edit to pending revision. Search panel in Fx47 now includes "Show search suggestions in location bar results"
Unreviewed   AliceWyman Work In Progress - see discussion.
Approved M Joni updated screenshot
Approved M AliceWyman added {for not fx34} content
Approved   AliceWyman linked "Search bar" with "Use the Search bar in Firefox" article.
Approved MT Joni separate article for SEO; added Win10 cortana note

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