Change the default language of Firefox for Android

This article applies to the latest version of Firefox for Android. Please update your version first to enjoy these features.

Change Firefox for Android to another language

By default, Firefox for Android loads the same language that's currently set on your device. If you prefer to display another language, you can switch by following these steps:

  1. Tap the menu button (either below the screen on some devices or in the upper right of the browser) .
  2. Tap Settings (you may need to tap More first) , then Language.
  3. Tap the menu under Browser Language. This is set to System Default the first time you access this setting.
    language menu android
  4. Select your preferred language from the list.
    android languages
  5. Firefox for Android will switch to the language you've selected.

Older versions of Firefox for Android

If you don't see the Language option in the Settings menu, you are using an older version of Firefox for Android. Update to the latest version of Firefox for Android or try the following workaround:

  1. On your device's settings menu, tap Language and input or Language and keyboard, and then Language.
  2. After you've selected your preferred language, restart your phone and load Firefox for Android.
  3. You will now see the browser displaying the language of your choice.

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