Calls and voicemail

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Firefox OS has lots of great options for making and managing calls.

  • To make a call, open the Phone app, dial a number and hit the green call button. You can also choose a number from the call log Call call log or your contacts Call contacts .

Start a call from the call log or your contacts

The call log Call call log lists all of your incoming, outgoing and missed calls. It works with your contact list to let you make calls and add numbers to your contacts.

  • Tap on a call from an existing contact to open that contact page. Then tap the phone number to make a call. You can also go directly to your contact list by tapping the contact button Call contacts at the bottom of the screen.
    Call contact
  • Tap on a call from a new number will bring to a menu with options to call that number, create a new contact from it or add it to an existing contact.
    Call log options
Want to redial your last call? Just tap on the green call button callbutton to automatically dial the last number you called.

For more information about working with contacts, see Add, manage and share contacts.

In-call options

When you are on a call you can:

  • Tap the mute button to silence your microphone.
  • Tap the dialer button to bring up the number pad. This is helpful for navigating voice mail or other automated phone systems.
  • Tap the speaker button to switch to the speakerphone so that others can hear the call.
  • Of course, tapping the red button will end the call.
In-call options

Access your voicemail

  • Open the Phone app and press and hold the number 1 to call your voicemail.
    Call voicemail

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