Best practices for installing and updating Firefox

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This article is intended for IT administrators who wish to set up Firefox on the computers within their organization.

Configuration Options

By default, automatic updates are enabled in Firefox. We recommend you keep this feature so your users can have the latest security patches and features.

If you need to turn off automatic updates, you can do this using the DisableAppUpdate policy.

For more information on policies, see Policies overview.

Beta Builds

Beta builds of Firefox allow you to test features before they are released to the regular version of Firefox. They are a good way to identify issues with upcoming features and updates before they are released to the rest of your organization.

To download beta builds or other test versions of Firefox, see Firefox test builds.

Installation Directory

For the best security, Firefox should be installed in the default directory on Windows, either Program Files or Program Files (x86). Firefox inherits the permissions of the install directory, and other directories may allow the install to be modified by other users on the machine.

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