Adding screenshots

Screenshots improve articles by illustrating important concepts. Sometimes a user needs to see a logo or a button, not just read about it. Take a screenshot of the image and add it to the article you're writing.

This is confusing for readers: "To start a Firefox Hello conversation, click the Hello Button."

Readers don't know what the Hello button looks like.

Try this: "To start a Firefox Hello conversation, click hello button."

Now readers can visualize what the article is talking about.

Create screenshots on a computer or mobile device

To learn how to create screenshots for the Knowledge Base and what editing tools you can use, see How to make screenshots.

Add new screenshots to Knowledge Base articles

You can visit the Media Gallery and use the Upload a New Media File button to upload your screenshot image file. To insert an image from the Media Gallery into an article you're editing, type in [[Image:title]] (substitute the actual title of the image, instead of title) at the point where you want the image to appear. For details, see How to place images in an article.

You can also upload an image and insert it into an article while editing an article.

To upload the image:

  1. Begin writing or editing an article.
  2. Click Insert Media on the toolbar.
  3. The insert media dialog opens. Click Upload Media.
  4. A new tab opens with an Upload New Media File dialog box. Click Browse. Select your image in your computer files.
  5. A new dialog box opens. Give your Screenshot a title and a description. Click Upload File.

To add the image to an article:

  1. Begin writing or editing an article.
  2. Click Insert Media on the toolbar.
  3. Select an image from the gallery. Click Insert Media.

Tips for adding screenshots

  • Don’t add screenshots to every concept. Just use them for concepts that need illustrations.
  • Screenshots should match what the user sees on the screen, which is sometimes different, depending on your operating system. See How to use For to show different screenshots for Windows, Mac and Linux users.

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