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Current M AliceWyman editing an article: removed contact info for Joni, other edits
Approved M AliceWyman Advanced search is now gone: https://github.com/mozilla/sumo-project/issues/826
Approved M Chris Ilias Add host to matrix ID
Approved M Chris Ilias s/IRC/Matrix
Approved M AliceWyman (edit to previous revision) found a better link
Approved M AliceWyman Proposing new articles: replaced outdated Pogo/Java link
Approved M AliceWyman Audience & scope: Firefox for Enterprise is another exception
Approved M ell8031 Updated latest version of macOS available
Approved   MNapolitano removed unnecessary comma from "Translations" section
Approved M AliceWyman hid sections that no longer apply to current processes
Approved M AliceWyman michaelverdi, mverdi -> jsavage for email and IRC contact
Approved   Adrian C.Y. Fu My changes involve punctuation and grammatical errors.
Approved M Michele Rodaro typo: everk > every ;-)
Approved M AliceWyman more small updates
Approved M AliceWyman edit to summary and Intro
Approved M AliceWyman small updates to outdated content. Still need to change article title - see discussion.
Reviewed M Laucon I completely changed this article.
Approved   AliceWyman updated link based on renamed article, to "Create bookmarks to save your favorite webpages"
Approved M user669794 removed share article
Approved M scootergrisen 200 articles
Approved   Michael Verdi trying again
Reviewed M Michael Verdi update to screenshot priority
Unreviewed   Meghraj Suthar Added Share This article
Unreviewed   Rabbi Hossain added share article template
Approved   ideato change the # with *, No 2 is not exist (in Screenshots & Screencasts, mobile)
Approved   adampeebleswrites inserted "be" between "will" and "others" in the phrase "but there will be others that become"
Approved M Michael Verdi [Work in Progress] don't approve yet - building off of scoobidiver's updates
Unreviewed   scoobidiver Need changes section, Mozilla's Products & Services instead of Firefox
Unreviewed   scoobidiver revert change about Flight Tracking, added new forums
Approved M scoobidiver Removed line breaks, fixed links, nowiki for {for}, updated image, archiving threshold and versions for screenshots
Approved M Michael Verdi update on priorities
Approved   Kadir Topal removed references to live chat.
Approved M Michael Verdi Removed reviewer section and linked to the new Article review guidelines article
Approved MT Michael Verdi tweaks
Unreviewed   mluna updating the processes for editing and creating articles
Approved M Michael Verdi a few more tweaks
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi Fixed links and grammar based on Scoobidiver's suggestions
Reviewed   scoobidiver fixed spelling, punctuation errors and minor things
Approved   Michael Verdi fixing an image
Approved   michellerluna fixed three typos
Approved M Michael Verdi Changes for rapid release, added more detail
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi Saving work in progress
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi Saving work in progress
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi Saving work in progress
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi Saving work in progress
Approved   michellerluna fixed three typos
Approved   Chris Ilias link to creating a new article was pointing to support-stage. fixed it to point to prod
Approved   Underpass corrected link
Approved   Underpass plug-ins --> plugins
Approved M Michael Verdi 1st draft

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