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WhatsApp isn't directly available for installation on your Firefox OS, but there are great alternatives, such as Loqui Instant Messenger. You'll also learn about other chat options such as Facebook messages or LINE.

Note: There may be some third-party apps that can communicate with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp client: Loqui

Loqui is a WhatsApp client that enables you to send and receive messages, photos and videos using WhatsApp protocol.

  1. Install Loqui from the Firefox Marketplace.
  2. Open Loqui and click add accounts then select whatsapp
  3. Enter your Country and Phone number and select your prefered mode of verification.
  4. Complete the verification in the next step and let it syncronize
  5. Start using now, you're ready to start chatting!
Loqui is a third-party app and is not affiliated with WhatsApp. Loqui is still in its alpha stages. If you are experiencing problems with the app, please contact the Loqui developers.

Facebook Messages

Quickly message anyone you know on Facebook.

  1. Install Facebook from the Facebook Firefox Marketplace if you don't already have it.
  2. Open the Facebook app, tap on the messages icon and select the new chat button.
    New FB Message
  3. Start to type the name of the person you want and a list of your friends will show up. When you see the one you want, just tap on it.
    Select a friend
    • To add another person to the chat, tap to the right of the first name and type the name of another friend. Then tap on the friend you want to add.
      Add a friend
  4. Now you can start chatting away. Don't forget to hit Send after you typed your message.

LINE Messaging

Share images and chat with friends all over the world.

Note: LINE is immediately available to Telefónica customers and users in countries without Telefónica. If Telefónica is available in your country but you are not a customer, LINE will also be available to you in six months.
  1. Install LINE by visiting the Marketplace on your Firefox OS phone.
  2. Launch the LINE app. Follow the steps on the screen to register for a new account or log in if you already have one.
  3. After you've logged in, you can choose to automatically import your friends from your phone's address book. To add friends one at a time, go to the next screen, touch the Friends icon on the top menu and click Add Friends to search by ID.
    add friends line
  4. After you've added your friends, you are ready to start chatting! Touch the chat balloon on the top menu, and then New Chat.
    start chat line
  5. Select the friends you want to chat with and touch Chat to open the message window.
    group chat line
  6. If words aren't enough, you can express yourself through pictures. At the top of the chat window, touch the arrow to see options for that particular conversation. From here, you can send pictures, turn notifications on or off or block a person.
    more chat options line
Tip: Create groups for your favorite friends. You'll be able to join your group chats easily through your contacts list.

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