What's new in Firefox for iOS (version 11)

Welcome back! This version of Firefox for iOS has improvements to your favorite features, and a more customizable experience.

Improved Tracking Protection

Tracking Protection is now turned on by default in both regular and private browsing mode. We’ve made it easier to turn it off or on on individual websites - right from the menu button. You can also view the types of trackers present in each website. tracking protection menu

See Enhanced Tracking Protection in Firefox for iOS to learn how to turn it off or on across different sites.

Reorder your tabs

Change your tab order by long-pressing on each one and dragging them into the order you prefer.

reorder tabs ios

This feature is available only on iOS 11. See Reorder tabs from tab view for more information

Drag and drop links to and from other apps (iPad)

Firefox now lets you drag and drop links, tabs, bookmarks and history to and from other apps. No need to copy and paste links, just tap and hold and drag it to another app.

See Drag and drop links and tabs to and from Firefox for more information.

This feature is available only on iOS 11.

More keyboard shortcuts on Firefox

Get it done faster with keyboard shortcuts.

For the tab view

  • Added tab navigation keys taken from Safari and Firefox desktop.
  • Tidied up the Discoverability view.

For the URL bar

  • Fixed a number of important text editing bugs to make editing the URL feel more familiar.
  • Added cursor navigation through the bookmarks and history results.
  • Added escape key, which exits the address bar.

For the web page view itself:

  • Navigating and editing text in forms and content editable elements should become a lot easier.
  • Perhaps your next blog post or bug report can come from Firefox for iOS.

For the tab tray:

  • You can use Command + Option + Tab to get to and from the all tabs view.
  • Once there, you can select a tab, close it and view it.
  • You can also toggle into the Private Browsing tab tray.

tab tray fxios 11

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