What's new in Firefox for iOS (version 99)

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Welcome to a new version of Firefox for iOS (version 99). This release comes with the following improvements and features:

View and close inactive tabs experiment

Note: This feature is currently only available to select users as an experiment.

The Inactive Tabs group shows tabs you haven't viewed for 14 days. Tabs will stay inactive indefinitely and won't auto-close. The Inactive Tabs group will be collapsed anytime you open a tab tray. You can tap the group to expand it and close all.

inactive tabs ios

Bug fixes

The following bug fixes were implemented:

  • Deleted items from website data will now be immediately cleared.
  • When you dismiss the Settings menu, the "Pasted from [app]" banner will no longer be repeatedly displayed.
  • You can now properly correct a typo in the middle of a search word or phrase.

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