What's new in Firefox for iOS (version 4.0)

This article is no longer maintained, so its content might be out of date.

Welcome back! This update comes with more improvements to give you a smoother, more integrated browsing experience. Add the new Firefox widget to your Today screen and get to your new tabs and copied links even faster. You can also access your bookmarks in just a few strokes through the search bar. We also offer you more control over certificate warnings.

Firefox on your Today screen

Available on iOS 9 and up. Visit this Apple Support page to learn how to find your version number.

When you add the Firefox widget to your Today screen, you can open new tabs quickly or visit links that you’ve copied to your clipboard.

today ios 4.0

If your device is locked, Firefox will appear in Today view with the copied link hidden to protect your privacy.

Access your bookmarks using the search bar (Awesome Bar)

When you enter text in the search bar, Firefox will show matching results from your bookmarks, in addition to search engine results. Just type in your search and your bookmarks will appear with a star next to them.

bookmark results ios

Override certificate errors

By default, Firefox keeps your information safe by warning you when a website’s connection is not secure. If you’re certain that you want to access a potentially unsafe website, Firefox now offers the option to let you bypass this warning.

override cert ios 4.0

Print web pages

Print web pages to your Airprint printers by touching the share button share button ios at the bottom of the screen, followed by the Print icon.

print ios 4.0

To learn more about the newest version of Firefox for iOS, see What's new in Firefox for iOS (version 6.0).

Mozilla Fun Fact

Did you know Mozilla is a non-profit whose support is done mostly by volunteers? And that we are independent and open source? Keep browsing freely!

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