What is Firefox Home for iOS (iPhone and iPad)?

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Firefox Home is a free application that works with Firefox Sync to give you instant access to your Firefox desktop history, open tabs and bookmarks on your iPhone or iPod Touch. What’s more, it provides Firefox’s “Awesome Bar” capability that enables you to get to your favorite web sites with minimal typing.



When connected to your Firefox Sync account, Firefox Home will give you access to:

  • Awesome Bar Search of your open tabs, bookmarks and browsing history. Need those directions to that restaurant you were just reading about on your desktop? The confirmation code for your flight? Just start typing in the search bar and those pages will be right at your fingertips.
  • Direct access to the tabs open on your desktop copy of Firefox. You can pick up where you left off with access to the tabs open on your desktop.
  • Direct access to the bookmarks on your desktop copy of Firefox. Does it drive you crazy to have to enter the full URL for a website you know you have bookmarked your desktop? Now you don’t have to. All your bookmarks are right here.
  • Search the web. If a website isn't in your bookmarks, history or tabs the Awesome Bar will search the web for you.
  • End to end security. All your data is encrypted which ensures that only you have access to it. See, Firefox Sync data is secure - Find out more

How do I get Firefox Home?

You can download Firefox Home for free in the iTunes store.

How do I set up Firefox Home?

First you’ll need to install and set up Firefox Sync on your desktop. Then just get Firefox Home from the iTunes store and connect it to your Firefox Sync account. See How to set up Firefox Home on your iOS device (iPhone and iPad) for detailed instructions.

How do I use Firefox Home?

Search, Tabs and Bookmarks are available by tapping the buttons at the bottom of the app window. When using search just type words related to the website you are trying to find. Firefox Home will search through the titles and URLs of your open tabs, bookmarks and browsing history to find a match. See the How to use Firefox Home on your iOS device (iPhone and iPad) article for detailed instructions.

Can I use Firefox Home on my iPad?

Firefox Home is not a universal app. It was designed to run natively on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Even though it is not a native iPad app, it will run on the iPad in native iPhone resolution or scaled to fill the iPad's screen. For more information on the limitations of running apps designed for the iPhone or iPod Touch on the iPad, please consult the Apple support documentation.

What if I’m having problems with Firefox Home?

First, make sure you have the latest version of Firefox Home. To check,

  • Open the App Store app on your iPhone.
  • Tap Updates in the lower right hand corner.
    • If you don't see Firefox Home in the list of available updates or you see the message, "All Apps Are Up To Date" you have the latest version.
    • If there is a Firefox Home update available, tap the Update button to install it.

If you are having trouble logging in, see Can't log in to Firefox Home App on iOS - What to do.

If you are having another type of problem, see Fix login and data issues with Firefox Home for iOS.


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