Using voice commands in Firefox for Amazon Fire TV

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Since April 30, 2021, we no longer support Firefox on Amazon Fire TV or Echo Show. See End of support for Firefox on Amazon Devices.

If you have an Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD or a Fire TV Cube device, you can use voice commands in Firefox for Fire TV when watching videos:

  • Open Firefox for Fire TV from the Fire TV homescreen - “Open Firefox”
  • Start playing a video - “Play”
  • Pause a video - “Pause”
  • Advance the video a number of minutes - “Fast forward (duration) minutes”
  • Advance the video a number of seconds - “Fast forward (duration) seconds”
  • Go back a number of minutes - “Rewind (duration) minutes”
  • Go back a number of seconds - “Rewind (duration) seconds”
  • Restart the video - “Restart”
  • Move to the next video in a playlist - “Next”
  • Go back to the previous video in a playlist - “Previous”

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