Use gestures in Firefox for Android

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In this article you will learn about gestures that you can use on your Firefox mobile device.

How do I scroll to the Top Or Bottom?

You can easily scroll to the top or bottom of a web page using a two-finger swipe gesture in Firefox for Mobile.

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  • To scroll to the top of a web page, swipe two fingers down.

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  • To scroll to the bottom of a web page, swipe two fingers up.

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How Do I Zoom In and Out?

  • One way to to zoom in/ zoom out is to use the two finger movement on the page content. To zoom in use 2 fingers and close, to zoom out, move them apart or seperate them from each other.
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  • Another was it to perform a double tap on the page content you want to zoom in on, double tappeing the second time will cause the page to zoom out.
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What Will A Long Tap Do ?

  • A long tap gesture will trigger the context menu for what is tapped on. The results presented in the context menu will depend on the location of the tapping, for example, a link, a picture, a document, etc.
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