Tracking Protection on Firefox Focus for iOS

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Firefox Focus' Tracking Protection blocks trackers that follow you across multiple websites.

How do I know if Tracking Protection is on or off?

When you visit a website, you’ll see a shield in your address bar. When Tracking Protection is on and you tap on the shield, it will bring up a panel where you can see the number of trackers being blocked on that page:

  • Focus shield active Tracking Protection is ON: Focus blocked trackers and harmful scripts on a site. Tap the shield to see what was blocked.
  • Focus shield crossed out Tracking Protection is OFF: A line through the shield means Tracking Protection is off and not blocking any trackers. Tap the shield and toggle the switch to turn it back on.

Turn Tracking Protection off or on

  1. Tap the shield in the address bar to open the Enhanced Tracking Protection panel.
  2. Tap the switch FocusPinkToggle next to Enhanced Tracking Protection to turn it off or on.


If you turn Tracking Protection off, it will remain off until you tap the trash icon in the toolbar or close Firefox Focus.

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