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Thimble is an online code editor for learners and educators. Its privacy policy is available here.

What data do you receive from my account?

Account Data

  • Username (if you publish your project, this will be publicly available)
  • Email
  • Hash of your password (“Hashing” means that we can “match” your password when you enter it to log in to your account, but we cannot actually see or read your password.)


Projects and files associated with your account. These include, works-in-progress, and published projects. Thimble projects can be deleted by pressing the “Delete” button next to each project in your project list at Thimble projects which have been published can be unpublished by opening the project, clicking on “Publish”, and then “Delete Published Version”.

How do I access my account data?

This is easily accessible by logging in to your account.

How do I update my account data?

  1. Update your passwords at
  2. Choose “Forgot your password?”

To update your email contact

How do I delete my account data?

To delete your account (including associated content), contact This will delete all your projects, files, published projects, password, and email associated with your account. It takes up to a week to delete your account data. We will email you to confirm that your account has been deleted. Your projects are maintained in our backups for eight (8) weeks after your account is deleted and then removed.

How long do you keep my account data?

We keep it for as long as your account is open, unless you choose to delete it.

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