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This feature is in an experimental stage and is being introduced gradually. It may not be available to you at this time.

Firefox version 119 introduces Review Checker, a powerful feature that enables you to know whether reviews are reliable when you shop online with Amazon, BestBuy and Walmart. In this article, we'll provide you with information about this feature and how to use it.

About Review Checker

Firefox's Review Checker is a feature to help you make informed purchasing decisions. Powered by Fakespot by Mozilla, this feature assesses the quality of product reviews by helping you know whether the reviews are likely from real customers or whether they’re from biased or paid reviewers.

How it works

Review Checker uses AI technology to analyze reviews on Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart. It assigns each product's reviews a letter grade, ranging from A to F, indicating their reliability.

  • A and B: Reliable reviews. We believe the reviews are likely from real customers who left honest, unbiased reviews.
  • C: We believe there’s a mix of reliable and unreliable reviews.
  • D and F: Unreliable reviews. We believe the reviews are likely fake or from biased reviewers.

The adjusted rating in Review Checker is based only on reviews we believe to be reliable. Highlights are from the retailer’s reviews within the last 80 days that we believe to be reliable.

How review quality is determined

Fakespot's AI technology undergoes continuous improvement as it analyzes more data. It scrutinizes reviews, searching for patterns that indicate fake or unreliable content, and applies various tests to ensure accuracy. We place a strong emphasis on reviews from real consumers who have purchased and used a product as the most reliable source of feedback.

How to use Review Checker

  • When you're on a product detail page on Amazon, Best Buy or Walmart, look for the price tag icon review checker icon in the address bar.
Review checker for desktop 2
  • Click the price tag icon and select Yes try it button to turn the Review Checker on.
Review checker for desktop

Turn off Review Checker

In the Settings section at the bottom of the Review Checker, choose Turn off Review Checker.

Turn Review Checker back on

  • To use Review Checker again after you’ve turned it off, visit a product detail page on one of the supported retailers.
  • Click the price tag icon review checker icon, and select Yes try it button to turn Review Checker back on.

Protect your privacy

Firefox is committed to empowering you with information about review reliability while respecting your privacy. We use Oblivious HTTP (OHTTP) for Review Checker.

When Review Checker is turned on, we use information about the products you visit on Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart to analyze the reviews, but by using OHTTP we ensure Mozilla cannot link you or your device to the products you have viewed. OHTTP uses encryption and a third party intermediary server to offer a technical guarantee that this is the case: all Mozilla learns from this network request is that someone, somewhere, looked at a given product.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between review quality and product quality?

Review Checker is designed to evaluate the quality and authenticity of product reviews on e-commerce websites. It assigns letter grades to reviews to help you identify reliable and unreliable feedback from real customers. It does not assess product quality. Assessing product quality involves evaluating the actual features, performance, and durability of the product itself. Review Checker focuses solely on review quality and does not provide insights into the product's performance or features.

Will Review Checker affect my browsing speed or performance?

Review checker is designed to be lightweight and should not impact your browsing speed or overall browser performance. It operates in the background and does not consume substantial system resources.

Can I customize Review Checker's settings?

Currently, Review Checker does not offer customization options. It operates based on predefined algorithms to assess review quality automatically.

Can I use Review Checker on websites other than Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart?

Currently, Review Checker only supports three US-based retailers: Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart. We are working on expanding this feature to other locales and retailers.

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