Navigating your Firefox OS phone

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Using a Firefox OS smartphone for the first time? We'll show you some basic actions and tips so you can find your way around easily.

Unlock your screen

When your phone's not in use, the screen can lock itself to protect your information.

Slide the button to the right to unlock your screen. Slide to the left if you want to use your camera.

slider fxosunlock screen fxos 2.1

See Setting the Screen Lock if you want to change your screen lock settings.

See your notifications

Slide your finger down from the top of your screen to see the notification tray.

notification tray slide

The notification tray displays any new activity on your phone, like new messages or calls. You can also change your Internet or battery settings at the bottom of the tray.

Rearrange or delete your apps

You can delete or move apps by pressing on one until it starts shaking.

delete appsdelete apps 2.1

From here, you can drag an app to move it to a different part of your screen, or tap on the x to remove the app. Tap Done when you're finished.

Zoom in and zoom out - make pages bigger or smaller

  • Zoom in - make pages bigger - Spread your fingers apart until the text or image is the desired size.
zoom phone
  • Zoom out - make pages smaller - Pinch your fingers together to shrink the page.

Other touch gestures

  • Long tap: Tapping and holding on an object will bring up options for that object.
  • Slide left or right: Sliding your finger to the left or right allows you to switch between the home screen (where your built-in apps are) and the search screen (where you can find additional content).

Ready for more?

Now that you've mastered the important touch gestures on your Firefox OS phone, you're ready to move on to the good stuff. See Get started with Firefox OS for an introduction to all of the Firefox OS features.

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