Mobile-Optimized Websites in the Marketplace

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Mobile-Optimized Websites are available for Firefox OS.

Marketplace offers great mobile content in one convenient place. In addition to apps, Marketplace now offers a growing collection of Mobile-Optimized Websites (MOW), chosen for both their quality and relevance.

What are Mobile-Optimized Websites?

Mobile-Optimized Websites are high-quality websites designed for smaller screens. On Firefox OS, the Firefox Marketplace will allow you to discover top sites around the world or browse popular sites in your region.

Where can I find Mobile-Optimized Websites?

Mobile-Optimized Websites for your region and device are available in the Firefox Marketplace:

  1. Open the Marketplace app.
  2. Navigate to the new or popular categories, or tap Category to explore a specific collection. (You can also use search to find specific websites.)
  3. You’ll see a list of both apps and websites. Select Websites from the drop-down menu.
  4. On the list, tap the listing title to see more detailed information, or tap its button to open the website in your browser.

How are Mobile-Optimized Websites selected?

Mobile-Optimized Websites are selected for their usefulness, quality, and relevance. Only sites designed for a mobile display are included in Marketplace.

The collection will continue to grow, so keep checking back for new content.

How can I participate?

Help maintain quality in the Marketplace by reporting broken or poor quality websites. On the Marketplace, tap on a listing to open the detail page, then tap Report an issue.

Developers: To learn more about MOW, see Mobile-optimized websites on MDN.

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